The future is a bright coloured rainbow

I'm currently in my last year and this means that the future is for the first time a big unknown. Rather than thinking that this means that it’s a dark and scary place, I compare the future with a big bright rainbow. This rainbow consists of all possibilities. And just like with a real rainbow, if you zoom in on a specific area, you notice more and new colours / possibilities that you didn’t notice before.

This week I went to look at a possible path for my future and went to London to talk to a Belgian firm. Thinking about the close future first, I secured a summer-job for the months after I graduate, but also having a feel about what comes after. After this conversation, I went to see a friend that moved to London 3 years ago. Yentl Bresseleers is the son of my godmother and has done a similar study (mct) after which he did a postgraduate and ultimately ended up working for MediaMonks in London.

A path that is possible is doing a (part-time) postgraduate IT-management. This will give me more insight into the structure of a company / team and will help me reach higher goals in the future. I will have a talk about this with a good friend of mine that did a similar course.