The perks of being in The United Kingdom

Even though it only takes me a few hundred kilometres to get to the UK, I've only been here once before. Even though I've been to other countries like Spain more than 4 times.

The UK is in a way very different than the other countries I've been to. The most obvious is that everything appears different, they drive on the left-hand side, they use miles on the roads (they do know how long a kilometre is and use it sometimes), they sometimes use a Pint as a metric of volume (1 pint ~ 568.261ml) and other times litres, they write colour instead of color etc.

One other thing I need to mention is that the roads in Belgium aren’t good, so when you go abroad you expect things to be better. I can say that, at least in the region I was, the roads are just as bad and often even worse. There is also a huge lack of bike-friendly roads and often no way to get from village to village safe with your bike.

When you get to a big city, everything appears to shoot in overdrive. People are a lot more focussed and rushed. Luckily, the people are very kind and helpful. You can always ask anyone for help and I've noticed that they have close communities.