During the final year of college, we were able to choose our own projects. One of these projects was a runescape base 'MMORPG'. My partner for this project was Gilles Platteeuw, a person as motivated and driven as me. We decided on this larger project, since we were more motivated to work on a large project that we would enjoy rather than a smaller more boring project.

At first we started playing around with Tiled and Phaser. When we noticed that Phaser had a hard time showing a two layered map, we decided to research two paths. Gilles tried some other frameworks while I tested out some stuff to see if we could create it from the ground up. Following a tutorial on Tilemaps, it became obvious that this was the way to go.

We slowly integrated more and more features into our code and I got a little obsessed with it. Due to the fact that this is a school project and is entirely owned by the school, we decided that we wouldn't continue working on it after the deadline. I'm very pleased nonetheless, with the result after only 120 hours spend working on this project.

  • Front-end
  • JavaScript