Life of the duck

Life of the duck on google play/

Github project is unfortunately managed by the school and set to private.

Similar to georgescape, we had to create a project of our choice for Mobile App Development. Everyone had chosen something easy, but as always, Gilles and I were ambitious. After some brainstorming we landed on an idle

This is a native android project. If you ever want to create a mobile game, don’t do it native. We had to create our complete style, every button is custom made and the connections with the database and backend are very hard to manage. Just adding one field to the database would require you to change around 7 to 11 files and either reset the database on the device (by deleting all files) or create a conversion from the previous database.

The app uses a backend that we also made. It is a Node.js app that uses MongoDB through Mongoose.

  • Android
  • JAVA