• William Verhaeghe

  • machine learning

  • full stack developer

  • android app developer

about William

Young enthusiastic learner, self-taught programmer at a young age. Always looking for a challenge. Eager to learn from the best and trying to stay fresh and updated on IT, IoT and the world. Volunteer at a cycling school. Speaks fluent Dutch and English.

The more you experience and knowledge you have of a programming language, the more you realise you know nothing about that language.

You can find my resume here (updated: May 2018)

  • JavaScript
  • Node.js
  • PHP
  • C#
  • Python

reasons to
work with me

I always want to solve difficult problems, the harder the better. With my fluency in many different languages, nothing will break me. I love being challenged and failure will only give me more knowledge for the future.

pizza slices
international hackathons
miles cycled in the uk

Team work

I find the team you work with very important. Everybody has talents and needs to be able to use them fully. A team works best when communication is on point. Bad communication can result in a bottleneck and delays.

Work hard, play hard

There is nothing wrong with some playing in the office. A relaxed work environment is always very satisfying to work in. This should not interfere with the ability to reach deadlines however.

Bug fixes

Releasing a program or application with bugs in it is as annoying to the consumer as it is to me. I want everything to work the way I intent to and I do everything in my power to make it as bug free as possible.

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